Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Wireless Joint. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

    • Copyright to the author for any work published herein is implicit whether or not it is explicitly reserved by the author (See "Copyright Act of 1976", "Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998", et. al.).
    • This forum's structure and layout, its tutorials, images, instructional material and other work SHALL NOT be republished in whole or in part without the prior written permission and consent of the original creator. If the original author cannot be reached for consent then a link to the original forum post shall be used by those wishing to share the content in lieu of copying and pasting the body of a work in its entirety--as doing such would be in violation of copyright law.
    • DO NOT Personal Message a member requesting help or support. Post a topic under the proper forum.
    • Use of Personal Messages to Promote and/or Market a Product or Service is strictly Prohibited. Use the Market Place forum.
    • PRIOR to posting a new topic, please assure the subject content for a particular device and/or issue has not previously been posted and/or discussed. If so, your post should be a continuation under that Topic.
    • The search function should ALWAYS be used for this purpose PRIOR to posting a new Topic.
    • When posting a new Topic, include a complete description in the Subject box that clearly identifies the device and summarizes the nature of the Topic thereunder.
    • As an example, posting a topic of “help with a problem” is vague at best. A topic should list the device followed by a short summary of the specific problem.
    • For example, “NEXR5GO will not detect modem” would be a proper topic subject. This format allows other members having the same issue to easily find this Topic in order to resolve the same issue.
    • All new Topics MUST be posted under the correct forum heading that corresponds to the device and/or subject content.
    • Use proper grammar and sentences. It is also easier to quote and/or address issues in a post if each issue is included in a separate paragraph with a spacing between them. This makes it easier to read than one long paragraph with 25 incomplete sentences addressing 15 different issues.
    • All marketing, promoting and/or selling of a product and/or service, MUST be openly conducted under the Market Place forum. No exceptions!
    • Any use of Email and/or Personal Message to market, promote and/or sell a product or service, is STRICTLY prohibited. Violators will be banned immediately.
    • All AT Commands, Codes and Scripts that are posted on this forum should be contained in code brackets which are accessible on the tool bar under <\> button.
    • The code brackets should also be used when posting the return of a modem's results after entering an AT command.
    • All logs posted in a topic shall be enclosed in code brackets.
    • All Images and Photos shall be embedded in the post.
    • DO NOT post links to images hosted elsewhere--which are subject to not be available next month. See the Instructions for embedding an image.