How to put pictures in your postings

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How to put pictures in your postings

Post by Didneywhorl »

Many people do better with pictures to see over words to read. Those of this forum are no different.

In many places posting a picture is simple. Copy and paste, or a neat little UI button for adding pictures.

Here on many have tried to use the

Code: Select all

[img="image source url"][/img]
way of adding pictures, but this does not work very well here and over time those photos disappear and links to them go dead.
This is not a good practice as people that come along later lose context and the help afforded by these pictures.

So here is the way, and long term way, that we need your pictures added to your postings:

Select the "Attachments" tab at the bottom of the page under your topic text box, during your posting creation. It should normally be next to the "Options" tab. Sometimes there is a third tab called "Poll Creation" if you are posting a new topic.

Then click on the "Add files" button.
Then select then photo you want to add, from your files system pop up.

Next, click on the "Place inline" button to add the photo in your posting. It will add it generally at the end of your current text.
The text should look something like this:

Code: Select all

You can cut and paste this anywhere in your topic/post to have the photo positioned where you like, inline with your posting text.

In this post the overall text of the posting looks like:
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