Ooma Home Phone to VoLTE Home Phone?

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Ooma Home Phone to VoLTE Home Phone?

Post by DeUndefined1 »

I've been thinking alot about this. But now my 3rd party t-mobile is my primary home connection, I'd like to switch to a tracfone (verizon owned) based mvno. Maybe if I could get 2 lines. Total, Simple, and Walmart Family Mobile has Truly $50 Unlimited plans with some type of Hotspot allotment. Each has their pros and cons. Simple has 5GB Hotspot and Total has 10Gb Hotspot respectively with Truly Unlimited. and WFM being the most affordable has 30GB hotspot with their Truly unlimited plan but the major con with WFM is after 295gb, the speeds is further deprioritized. So my question how can i bypass verizon hotspot limit? But I want to also switch from my voip home phone. My next question is that can my rm500-ae modem work with VOLTE or do i have to upgrade my modem? And which tracfone mvno could I possibly use as a volte home phone provider? And if possible, then what kind of adapters do I need for the build?
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Re: Ooma Home Phone to VoLTE Home Phone?

Post by BillA »

The monthly data limit of 300 gigs cannot be bypassed, only the hotspot limit.
However, the monthly limit can be reset at any time by making an early payment, should you go over it before the the end of the billing cycle.
If you want to have an extra phone at no additional cost, just tether an Android or iPhone to the router (phone as a modem).
While the phone is connected to the router via a usb cable, you can still use the phone normally for calls, text, and web, while providing internet to the router. No VOIP box is necessary, unless you want to have a cordless phone for convenience.

Another solution is to get an ObiTalk box with a free Google voice line connected to the router.
I made a post about this back in 2020.

You cannot use an internal modem for direct VOIP calls, technically yes but it requires a voice circuit add on in the router.
You could of course use an Ooma or ObiTalk box for VOIP calls, but as I mentioned if tethering a phone there's no need for that either.
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