Verizon on Orbi AX4200 (NBR750)

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Verizon on Orbi AX4200 (NBR750)

Post by bigpal »

Has anyone had any luck getting an Orbi NBR750 (or any Orbi for that matter) to run on a Verizon SIM? I have a SIM from an unlimited tablet account, I think I pay $10-20 a month.

I did the IMEI magic on the Orbi and I have tried setting the TTL to every value you can imagine, inluding 64 and 65. The SIM connects to the network and I get 5G connectivity, including DNS servers and an IP v4 and v6 address, but I can't reach anything, I can't even ping (Goog DNS servers).

For APN I'm using vzwinternet with no username/password, and I've tried None,PAP, CHAP for authentication type. I've also tried IPv4/v6 and just IPv4 for IP settings, and every combination of each setting. Everything looks great for about 30 seconds, and then the whole page resets, the router doesn't reboot, but the whole network stack dies for about 5 seconds and comes back, not just the cellular connection, but the LAN connection also. Again, while it says connected with IP address, etc, I get no access to the Internet.

The screen capture below shows my connectivity details, some of the identifiers (IMEI/IMSI/ICCID/IP) have been redacted.

Thanks for any help.
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