Disingenuousness of carrier providers

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Disingenuousness of carrier providers

Post by Renate »

That is, I think that they are lying sacks of ...
Or that they just stonewall you.

The attachment below is representative of this area and has been like this for at least five years.
If you are so bored with life that you decide to call up a Verizon service agent they will tell you the following:
  • Power down your device, remove the SIM card, dance in a circle, replace, power up.
  • Oh, my goodness, we are so grateful that you brought this to our attention! I will file an XYZ report with ABC immediately.
  • This may be true now, but just wait until we put 5G in your area. This will happen any minute now.
In point of fact, the backhaul is owned by a cable company and they have a strangle hold on it. All the cellular providers in the area suffer. An independent internet provider started up and they run radio relays to the big city and distribute over 5 GHz PtoMP microwave. Except that they are getting greedy too.
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