Adding NordVPN to Rooter of Men Modems

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Adding NordVPN to Rooter of Men Modems

Post by vahnwinkle »

Hello Wireless Fam,

I have been on the search for a solution to fix my Calyx Institute and T-Mobile random disconnections. I suspect T-Mobile is getting very strict with their internet protocols. In my research to finding a solution to my personal connectivity problem, I have learned quite a lot in other areas. Specifically, for this post, I wanted to share with the community how to configure a NordVPN account to your private Rooter of Men modem. The benefit is that your connection will remain private and hopefully will remove any issues with your LTE carrier snooping around on your internet connection. Here we go:

1. Visit this link: - This link will help guide you on how to install the configure file to your router.

2. You will need a NordVPN PAID account with credentials. Including a username and password for your NordVPN account. Visit NordVPN and sign up with your service.

3. Download NordVPN and open the app on your computer. Click the quick connect button and let NordVPN find fastest server for you. Take note of this server number. Also, feel free to check multiple servers and do speedtests to find your best server.

4. Once you have the best server, visit NordVPN Configuration File area here: - This is a very long list of UDP and TCP files for each server. Look for the server you took note of in step 3. You can also do a quick page search by pressing CTRL F on keyboard and type your server number to find it quickly.

5. Once you find the server, download the UDP file and put it somewhere you can find it. I typically place mine on my desktop.

6. Open your router and find the VPN section. Click the Open VPN tab. This is where you will upload the file you downloaded in step 5.

7. Use OVPN configuration file upload area to upload your file. Enter the Instance name which can be whatever you like, then click choose file. Here you will select the UDP file you saved in step 5. Next, click upload.

8. Once the file is uploaded, you should see the area (instance) where you can now configure the UDP file with your private credentials. Click on the EDIT button.

9. After you click edit, another page will populate and here is where you edit the information to reflect your NordVPN account credentials.

10. Under the section called - "Section to modify the OVPN config file" you will find the line called "auth-user-pass"

11. Right next to "auth-user-pass" , you will put the information from the section below right next to it. In my case, it looks like this: Section to add an optional 'auth-user-pass' file with your credentials (/etc/openvpn/StephenVPN.auth)

12. So, my example: auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/StephenVPN.auth - After its changed click save.

13. The last step is where you add your NordVPN credentials. In the section listed - Section to add an optional 'auth-user-pass' file with your credentials - Put your NordVPN user name and then password under that. Make sure to click save at the bottom.

14. Example of step 13 is: Username -
Password - JiggleJiggle
Click save.

15. Lastly, make sure to tick box "Enabled" and click save and apply after you configure everything. Done

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Re: Adding NordVPN to Rooter of Men Modems

Post by joonsmith »

Just perfect. I was looking for this as The VPN was confusing at first.

investigator vpn
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