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Post by JimHelms »

NOTICE: Your user name and password from the LTE HACKS forum should also work on Wireless Joint. If not, follow the password reset instructions below.

I would like to personally welcome everyone to Wireless Joint -- a continuation of the LTE HACKS forum.

LTE is slowly being replaced with 5G (much like what 4G did to 3G). Rather than chase the latest descriptor, Wireless Joint will accommodate all wireless technology in general.

Likewise, our online store LTE FIX has changed to The Wireless Haven.

Please review the FORUM'S RULES and help keep the forum both organized and user friendly.

Please also read the other Announcements to understand How and Where to Post a Topic and How to Check Your Email Preferences to receive email notifications to subscribed forums.


When registering for an account, it is important to use an unique user name to avoid our spam filters (which runs the user name through a large known database of spammers). For example, a user name of "Dave" will be listed excessively in the database and whereas "WirelessDave" would not.

Beware that yahoo and outlook email accounts will sometimes reject our registration email. It is best to use a gmail account for registration until we figure out the rejections.

Also, your IP address upon registration is checked against a database for those of known spammers, so do not use a VPN when registering for an account.

If you forgot your password and/or cannot log into the forum, best to just reset your password.

Click on the Login button at the top right of the menu, and select the "I forgot my password" link.

Reset Password 1.png

Next, enter the email address that the account is under. Note that yahoo emails sometimes have issues receiving the activation emails. When this is the case, I recommend using a different email provider.

Also, if you did not receive the registration email, check your spam folder and add WirelessJoint.com to your safe list.

Reset Password 2.png

Have you have noticed, we made a few changed to the theme. Some may find the black background difficult to read. Our members may now change the color scheme to whatever colors that works for them.

Changing the colors and layout is fairly simple:

On the right top corner of the tool bar, click on the down arrow and select User Control Panel.

Edit Preference1.png

Select the Board Preferences tab, and select the style from the "My board style" selector. HexagonReborn in the default theme. You may also pick a color of the scheme that is to your liking.

Edit Preference2.png

The HexagonRebornLight has a light background which some may find easier to read.

Edit Preference3.png

One thing the Wireless Joint forum was lacking was its search functionality. This has been improved. There is a search function on top of all forums that limits its search to the forums thereunder.

Edit Preference 4.png

This functionality also extends to a single topic that is underneath.

Edit Preference5.png
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Post by bakeape »

Hi! New here. I feel like I am late to the party I just stumbled into. Looking forward to Wireless adventures here!
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