Mofi 4500-V2 Router and Antennas

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Mofi 4500-V2 Router and Antennas

Post by darrellwebb2 »

Good day everyone,

Recently a WISP moved into our area and we decided to move our service over. Equipment listed below was installed and working well. The router was installed around 100' from the house, powered via POE, in a weather tight enclosure. We had used the router and antennas for approximately 18 months.

Mofi 4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4 Router, used in box, with power adapter and included antennas. $150.
(2) Wifix AD 1DP727L15 NF Antennas. 15 dBi, 700MHz - 2700MHz, POL Linear. $70 for the pair
(2) Wilson Electronics 314411 Antennas. 10.5 dBi, 700 - 2700MHz. $35 for the pair
(2) Jefatech LL400 50 ohm cables, Right Angle Male SMA x Male Right Angle Type N, 4 ft overall length $30 for the pair (purchased directly from Jefatech)
(2) Proxicast CFD-240E 50 ohm cables, Straight SMA x Straight Type N, 25 ft overall length, $20 for the pair

Originally the system was installed on our OTA TV antenna tower with the router in the attic and the Proxicast cables running to the Wilson antennas mounted on the tower. During this time we had some connection / speed issues due to the amount of trees around the house. I moved the whole setup to a clearing with clear LOS to the cell tower, changed to the Wifix antennas with Jefatech cables. This worked much better and was our primary internet service. I still have the weather tight enclosure as well if anyone is interested in duplicating my setup (free with antennas/router purchased together). The enclosure is 15" tall x 12" wide with cord grips )installed for the LL400 cables and incoming ethernet. The short Jefatech cables kept the signal loss to a minimum as we were we on the edge of cell service at our property.

Shipping charges would be added at cost.

Happy to provide pictures on request. Thank you for looking.
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