Check Your Email Preferences !!!!

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Check Your Email Preferences !!!!

Post by Didneywhorl »

Hello Everyone,

I just noticed I wasn't receiving my emails lately for site notifications on posts, replies and people quoting me.

Somehow all of my notifications for the site were fine, but all my email notifications were turned off.

It's likely an anti-spam feature of the forum that kicked on when the new site update was done.

Check your Notification Settings.
  • Click on your username at the top of the site
  • Click on "User Control Panel"
  • Then click on the "Board preferences"
  • Then select the email preferences you would like to have
  • Make sure you hit the submit button when your done!
Notification Settings.png

One other item to remember is you will NOT get notifications to forums or topics unless you subscribe to those topics.

You are able to subscribe to a complete forum and/or specific topics according to your interests. For example, suppose you want to subscribe to the Questions and Support in the ROUTER forum.
  • Click on the ROUTER forum and select the Question and Support forum.
  • Next, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Subscribe forum checkbox.
Subscribe 1.png

Now, you may fine tune your subscriptions to watch and not watch certain topics within a specific forum.
  • Go to your User Control Panel
  • Click on the Overview Tab
  • Select the Manage subscriptions
  • Select ("Mark") the topics not to watch
  • Click the Unwatch market button
Subscribe 2.png
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